Sunday, September 1, 2013


THE QUEEN docked August 31, 2013 and awaits you to come aboard ...

Cole Masterson takes a ghost hunting gig aboard the Queen Mary to find out why pictures of his great grandfather and Hanna Amery are in an old locket.
Hanna Amery finds the love she left behind on The Grey Ghost housed in the body of Cole Masterson, she just needs to figure out how to get to him.

What happens when they find each other on opposite planes of the Universe?



Shrugging off the odd sensation of being watched, I went back to investigating, and snapped pictures of the bunks noting that even with a mattress they had to feel like a board. I certainly wouldn’t trade the luxury of my Sleep Number bed for one of these for an extended period of time for anything. I took several more pictures then covered the lens and turned off the camera.

“Other than my nerves, all is quiet in the Isolation Ward. Gonna call it a night.” I turned away from the beds, then shuffled back toward the sinks. A low groan filled the air, stopping me in my tracks. But looking back I saw no one. Had I just imagined it? Were my nerves playing me up?

“Who’s there?” I double checked the recorder finding the new batteries kept it barely running. Shoot, why I hadn’t thought to bring an extra set of batteries? Normally I would have done that, but tonight was far from normal. “Listen, whoever you are, I’m going to bed now. If you want to talk to me you’ll have to find me tomorrow.”

Quickly stepping out of the ward, wanting nothing more than to get my head on straight, I inched past the attendant’s room and hustled toward the stairs that will take me above deck.

“Dr. Masterson!” Clicking heels hurrying along the floor echoed softly behind me.

The soft feminine English accented voice made me freeze as every hair on my body suddenly stood at attention. Oh my god, I hadn’t imagined her. I spun around eager for a glimpse of her, hearing the urgency in her voice, and groaned when I found no one there. Damn, if she was so eager to reach out to me why wouldn’t she appear?

“Dr. Masterson, please!”

The disembodied voice made my heart ache and my fingers tremble as I once again checked the power of the nearly drained recorder hoping it caught her voice. Swallowing the lump in my throat I said, “Yes?”

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