Saturday, December 5, 2015

Welcome to Week 120 of My Sexy Saturday.  

This week’s theme is A Sexy Galaxy. We love those stories that come from beyond our galaxy. They can even start in our galaxy and end up far, far away…we don’t care…as we love those stories that remind us of love in a different time and space.

In my sci-fi Human Touch life as we have always known it is changed.  In 2499 it’s reported that sex is forbidden and all natural child conception shall end, until …. In 2525 three human couples discover sex and give birth to three rogue babies that are captured in a raid. Then In 2550 three humans raised by SPAR officials, Reola, Stuart, and Simon rediscover what their parents before then knew…the human touch. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s go back to where it all begins at SPAR Headquarters in the year 2525.

“Jules, we’ve got all the material we need to really feel what it’s like.” Miles held her close, inhaling the sweet aroma of her womanhood. She’d changed over the past year, as they’d all changed. Instead of being compliant, she’d become opinionated and had this deliciousness about her he found hard to resist. But she’d been slower to accept her new found sexuality. He was damned straight going to make it his business to awaken her fully. His hands shook at the thought but he hesitated. His hot gaze tracing her beautiful body from the faint light of excitement in her eyes to the way she nervously nibbled on her lower lip. He bit back a groan wanting nothing more than to taste her. His gaze continued its fascinated journey down her body from the pulse beat in her throat to the generous swell of her breasts. His focus sharpened and he could swear he saw her nipples bud. His mouth watered. His gaze drifted lower down her flat tummy to the womanly curve of her hips and then the soft mound of her sex. Was she wet for him? Hell, where had that thought come from?
“Miles, we can’t, not here. You know there may be evidence of what we’ve done,” she weakly argued against his neck, her breath warm like butter upon his skin.
He kissed her softly, groaning at her sweet taste, relishing the way her body melted against him, surrendering little by little. He felt her worry and her simmering arousal war with one another. His newly awakened penis throbbed, growing stiff as it pressed against the soft mound of her sex. The scent of her arousal drove him crazy and his cock ached at the restraint of his lab uniform. If he moved just a fraction of an inch, he’d feel the warmth of her thigh against his throbbing appendage. He ached to just grab her luscious ass, pull her close and grind against her until they were both on fire. The fear of scaring her off should have stopped him, but it didn’t, not when she was finally catching fire in his arms.
Shit, if he waited for her to make the first move he’d be jacking off in the shower alone again just like he had every night since he’d been thawed out. Then he’d be crawling into bed with her for a chaste kiss that didn’t do much to satisfy his unquenchable thirst. He wanted so much more, and he knew by the way she clung to him that she did too. He was tiring of taking care of business alone; he wanted to feel Jules’ warmth wrapped around him instead of his cold and clammy hand. Okay, so there’s nothing wrong with self-exploration, but damn it he needed her to give all of herself to him, not just the teasing bits and pieces she allowed him. He really hated the cat and mouse game they’d been playing since the drugs had worn off and he sensed she was at her breaking point finally able to let go the lies of the past and embrace their future.
“Look, Jules, look at what our ancestors were really like.” Miles flipped open a brown covered book to a picture of a couple fondling each other. “They’re just like we are, trying to learn about each other.”
Jules intensely studied the black and white sketch of a woman with her hand wrapped around a man’s penis, a secret smile on her face. What was she thinking?
“Aw!” Miles caught his breath as he felt her hand glide over his crotch, her wide-eyed gaze never leaving the page. He groaned when she caressed him tracing the shape of his shaft through his clothes. God, what would it feel like to have her wrapped around his bare flesh? He cautiously touched her, prepared to back away if she spooked. She smiled up at him and leaned into his touch, emboldening him to continue. He caressed the inside of her thigh in return, grinning when he heard her gasp as he touched her more intimately. His palm cupped the heat of her mound and she let out a little breathy sound that drove his heart beating wildly. His body pulsed in response and he gave her a gentle squeeze. She cried out and he thanked whatever wild instinct that had brought them to this place. The box of contraband inspired them both, and there was no power on earth that could stop him now.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Life and Joy

Six years ago today they laid my love to rest.
On a day just like today we said good-bye.
I felt so cold and empty inside
Little did I know that with death and sorrow
I would find life and joy.

The summer skies have turned to grey
And the wind carries old memories.
As I watch children play nearby
I wonder if you know.
If you see the life and joy you left behind.

Your eyes.
Your smile.
Your caring, loving manner.
All these and more I see with each passing day.
As the sky brightens I feel a small hand in mine.
And as I look down into his eyes
And feel the warmth of his smile,
I know you see the life and joy
You left me that day.

Written:  September 25, 1985

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Sexy Saturday #119

Welcome to the 119th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme is Imagine Sexy. As writers of sexy books, we have all imagined sexy. Whether he comes riding in on a horse or in a space ship, we know sexy. We can imagine each and every one of them.

My Imagine Sexy comes from my contemporary romance, RINGS OF PARADISE, where Kristen first lays eyes on Shadow, the man whom she didn't know would soon become her boss.

A quick and unnerving surge passed through her body when her gaze followed the outline of his strong, squared jaw. With the plane ascending, her inspection rested at the end of his determined chin. A smile played across his lips.
“Like what you see?” His deep, silky voice challenged with a touch of conceit. Her eyes revealed everything she was feeling at that moment, if her mirrored reflection was true.
“Don’t flatter yourself!” She was scarcely aware of her own voice or the warm glow touching her cheeks, but she was fully aware that he had messed up her ecosystem without as much as a touch.
He smiled fully, showing each and every pearl-white tooth. “Thanks, babe.” He nonchalantly removed the baseball cap, the tucked-up hair spilling down around his shoulders.
Despite her obvious lame protest, she barely muffled the squeak of pleasure when her continued inspection took in the massive chest with the hair that peeked out the top of his black tank shirt. A mischievous smile threatened her lips as curiosity took hold of her again.
Mmmm, wonder where that leads?
She felt herself nearly reaching an uncontrollable level. Her warning bell should have been gonging a thousand times by now but wasn’t.
Her body filled with natural female desire as Khristen focused on muscular tanned thighs hidden snugly in a pair of wild-colored spandex shorts. Her heart skipped a beat when his well-toned thigh muscle twitched.
A nervous sigh escaped her. She tried with all her might to subdue the unwanted longing and curiosity that could spell trouble.
Why do I always seem to go after a challenge?

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Welcome to the 118th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Have you ever seen a couple who look so adoringly at each other? Makes you wonder just what they are thinking about. Are they thinking about the last time they made love? Or how about the conversation they just had?

The point is that lovers have eyes only for each other. Sometimes the gaze is loving and sometimes not but you always know they are a couple destined to be together forever. We want to see your interpretation of a lover’s sexy gaze and how it works into your story.

This week’s theme: Their Sexy Gaze comes from Knight to Remember when Sir Reynold Loddington, aka The Black Knight, believes Courtney Parker is his long-lost love, Catherine.

“Whoa! Whoa!”
The words came through the blackness trying to take claim to his mind. Abraxas suddenly halted, and Reynold felt himself lifted off the ground. Someone took his foot from the stirrup and pulled the arnet from his head.
Focusing, he gazed into the eyes of his raven-haired love. He had indeed found his place, at last, in Catherine’s arms.
Courtney unbuckled the armor, removing it from on top of his still body, pulling the black arnet off. A mass of long, dark hair fell freely into the dirt. She pushed the wet strands from his face and held her breath as she gazed at his fluttering eyelids. Thick, blunt, dark lashes were like raven wings on his pale cheeks. When they opened, she peered into eyes the color of whiskey, drinking in their depths.
The cloud of darkness attempting to take the man faded slightly in his eyes as he stirred. His color brightened, turning to a deep tan as life came back into him. Her heartbeat accelerated with a strange sense of recognition as their souls met and then returned abruptly to its normal beat. Whatever she thought she saw disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Toy
It’s been two months since that night we said good-bye.
When I left she took over and it hurts to see the things she does.
I sit and watch her make you look like a fool.
Can’t you hear what our friends are saying?
It hurts cuz I still care and the feeling’s still there.
Why do you stand for the things that she does?
How can you let yourself look bad cuz of her?
She treats you like a toy . . . someone to play with.
We both know that the feelings are still alive
And we both know that they’ll always thrive.
But still you won’t swallow your pride.
Sometimes I wish we never said good-bye.
Remember that love is grand and feelings are hard to understand.
Remember when she holds you at night
The way she acts with all the other men
And how you’re just one of her toys
Something she’ll throw away when it gets olds.
Remember babe, when you’re all alone
How many times you were told
That her kind of love was no good
And how toys become broken then get thrown away
Then remember us and how it used to be.

Written:  October 22, 1982

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Welcome to the 117th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: While You Were Sexy comes from my paranormal/time-travel Gabby’s Second Chance w/a Debi Wilder.

This week’s theme is a take on the movie, While You Were Sleeping, and can be fun, quirky or not. So many things can happen while you were sexy…things like falling in love with someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend…or maybe taking a risk you wouldn’t normally take. That’s what the movie is all about…having a dream and risking for that dream…only to find it wasn’t what you really wanted or needed anyway.

“I lost my baby that night.”
“Sounds like you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time to me. What did the authorities say?” Lacey asked, adding more marshmallows to Gabby’s chocolate.
“It was a free choice I made. I thought if a pregnant woman stood between the thugs and the door, they’d leave our apartment. But how were they to know I was pregnant when I didn’t even have a baby bump yet?” Tears seeped from Gabby’s eyes, and she didn’t even try to stop them. In fact, she didn’t want to stop them and it felt so damn good. “I called an ambulance, and the doctor called the authorities. There’s a Detective Joe Michaels who’s assigned to the case, but nothing has come of it. He hasn’t been able to find neither Ryan nor the thugs who assaulted me. Detective Michaels still calls occasionally, just to see if I’m all right or remember anything new, but that’s about it. Basically it’s a cold case now.”
Lacey nodded her head, sympathy flitting across her face. “So what is it that you want then, Gabby?”
Gabby looked at her through tear filled eyes, wanting more than anything to believe this woman was in fact a genie and could grant her the things in life she couldn’t have anymore. “Things even you can’t give me, because I can‘t give them to myself. I wish I had the courage to love again. To feel a man touch me in ways I can’t even remember any more. To give life to a perfect human being.”
“My dear Gabby, don’t worry…your wish is my command!” Lacey did a little swirly thing with her hands and snapped her fingers.
But nothing changed. Gabby still sat on the bar stool feeling only as if she’d had a bit too much to drink. Other than that, her life felt exactly as it had been before she’d walked into Lacey’s Lamp.
“Well, Miss Lacey Flowers, so much for being a genie, but thank you for trying.” Gabby slid off the bar stool, a forced smile crossing her face. Slipping into the safety of her coat and back into the darkness of the night, she knew in her heart no one could help her. Not even a self-proclaimed genie.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

This week’s theme, Our Sexy Halloween, comes from Harvest Moon Heart, a short story that I will be rewriting into a longer piece.  I hope you enjoy the following snippet:

Igor stepped aside allowing Madame Simza Nuri to pass through. Milky white shoulders played peekaboo through flowing blue sleeves. A peach shawl wrapped seductively around a curvy waist over the floral print floor length skirt. Candle light reflected off her shiny black waist length hair. She bowed slightly, a grin playing at the corners of her lips. Jasper sensed she believed she’d won the war when the battle hadn’t even begun.
He itched to run his fingers through her hair and to capture her against him. The urge to mate soared through him, tempting the wolf lingering inside.
Her gaze drifted across the room and up the winding stairs to the balcony where their host lingered. She blew him a kiss then turned straight toward Jasper. Her gaze searched the shadows of the room.
Wolf-blood blazed through his veins. His senses heightened. Whoever this woman was heated him in ways that were more dangerous than the rise of the harvest moon. He hadn’t seen her face and yet his body knew she was trouble. This Madame Nuri as Igor called her.
Everything about her oozed sexual danger.

“That was some entrance.” The words flitted around Simza’s ear, teasing and seductive. A wave of pleasure heated her. Her breathing hitched when she looked into laughing amber eyes. “I don’t believe we’ve met, and here I thought I knew everyone in the village.”
“Well, a girl has to do something to get into the ball of the season.” She smiled, fingering the bullet around her neck. It warmed against her skin, sending an unusual spark through her.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Loves

You asked me why I was leavin’ . . .
Why I said it was bad from the start.
I couldn’t explain but I knew I couldn’t
Share you in your kind of life style.
I thought I was strong enough to do it
But my heart couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve heard you’ve found another,
Our friends have seen you together.
It’s been so long since I held you next to me . . .
Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing.
But I look at myself and I realize it was right.
You helped me a lot and helped me to understand
That lovin’ my man is where I should be
And how I’d feel if he did that to me.

We’ve both made new starts in our life . . .
You with your new wife
And me with the man of my life.
We’ve both learned . . .
And found what he had yearned for
Was the kind of love,
That together we are not above,
But can only give to the ones we now love.

Written:  March 9, 1982


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Snowy Firelight

Long before I became a romance novelist, I wrote poetry and had three published in “American Poetry Anthology 1987.”  For the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing those pieces with you.  Here’s the first one from February 1982:

“Snowy Firelight” 

It’s snowy outside tonight
And I’m sittin’ alone by the firelight
Sippin’ on red rosé wine
Remembering a love that was so fine. 

Is she holding you tight
On this snowing night?
Is her love strong
When things go wrong?
Can she make you smile
When tears begin to fall? 

We were so free and happy
Our love was as fresh as this falling snow
Our passion burned brighter
Than the flames of this fire. 

I see your face in these flames
As they begin to die away . . .
Watching the falling snow
Melt as our love did years ago
While sittin’ here sippin’ red rosé wine
Remember a love that was so fine.

Written February 25, 1982

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maxine's Musings: October 1, 2015 ~~ Happy Halloween everyone! i...

Maxine's Musings: October 1, 2015 ...: October 1, 2015 Happy Halloween everyone!  Fall is upon us and I hope you’ve got your spook holiday plans in gear and your ...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Sexy Girlfriend

This is a nod to all the sexy girlfriends out there. We know all about a sexy girlfriend and how their lover feels about them. There are the hidden looks, the longing gaze, the love shining in their eyes and all the things that come with love. 

This week’s theme: My Sexy Girlfriend comes from Blood Ties.  A historical time-travel to the Civil War where love is timeless.

“Okay, so maybe I’m crazy, but I know very well the scent of lavender when I smell it. I grew up with it all over this house.”
“Did you ever think that maybe your clothes picked up the scent somewhere?”
Royal grabbed Emma by the arm, swinging her around and into his chest.
“Only if I had doused myself in it,” he said.
The feel of his arms around her proved to be the kindling to refuel the fire already ignited in her soul. Royal’s eyes held a burning rage of desire within their depths. His lips parted slightly, then spoke to her of the promises meant for her only as he kissed her. She melted like the Wicked Witch of the West from the pleasure his mouth gave. If he thought her to be a spell maker, than he certainly had to be Merlin, for he was the one casting spells.
Emma’s heart beat in unison with his. Their breathing became one as the embrace grew stronger, closer with each spark generated from their lips. His mouth caressed hers in a skillful manner. She hungered to feel his kisses on more than just her delightfully pulsing lips.
Now this isn’t so bad, is it Emma? The whispered words ran in her mind. He must have read your thoughts, seen your desires reflecting in your eyes, Emma. I didn’t think Royal had it in him anymore.
Emma took a step backwards and lost her balance. The hall moved in slow motion before her bottom hit the floor with a muffled thump. She didn’t dare look up at Royal. She didn’t know if it was the fall or the kiss that had caused the warm feeling that burned her cheeks. She took hold of the hand Royal extended to her with reluctance.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Talk Sexy To Me

We know all about talking sexy to me. We know that lovers have a special language that only two of them share. The hidden looks, the longing gaze, the love shining in their eyes all accompanied by those sexy, sexy words. Sometimes, they are whispered, sometimes spoken aloud and occasionally shouted from rooftops. For Reynold it was through the centuries.

Reynold stared at the sketches. “Catherine.” Her name came as a whisper of air off his lips. He turned the page, scanning the writing. “Catherine Ann Astley died of a high fever brought on by the wet winter months in the year of 1491. I believe my cousin died of a heart broken by the spell of black magic. Should my friend Reynold Loddington return as mysteriously as he left, I am sure he will follow in her footsteps. No two people loved each other more.”
Reynold stood and turned away from the book. Catherine, dead! When I am home, Queen Isabel will pay for Catherine’s death with her own life.
Why should I wait? Isabel is right here. I must only walk out the door, into her shop, and destroy her as she destroyed Catherine. I shall avenge her death without sealing my own.
“I don’t believe in reincarnation and past lives, but the likenesses here are uncanny, don’t you think?” Courtney’s hand fell lightly on his, feeling like a feather tossed gently in the breeze.
“I must return to my home. By not being there, I show no respect for her death.” Reynold walked out into the darkness enveloping the shop, knowing he had no way of returning to possibly save Catherine.
A small hand fell upon his arm, and the smell of lavender filled his senses.
“I’m sorry, Reynold. That was centuries ago, and there’s no way to get you back where you believe you belong. Time-travel and reincarnation just don’t exist.” Her voice small and soft, she laid her head upon his shoulder. “Heartsease doesn’t exist, either, except in books like this one. It’s a myth like that of King Arthur and Camelot.”
“Thou art wrong. Black magic brought me here; it can return me in like.” He turned into the warmth of Courtney’s arms, knowing in his mind she may be right, even if his heart denied it. Only evil could send him back—the kind of evil that didn’t exist in her world. He pulled her closer to him, inhaling her very essence. The vanilla scent of her hair mingled with the lavender of her skin, awakened a wild desire.
Lifting her chin with a forefinger, he wiped away a small tear in the corner of her loving eyes. Her soft, pink lips swelled with a need for him to take them with his own. The tip of her pink tongue quickly snaked out, taunting him. He claimed the invitation her mouth sent.
She tasted of meat and potatoes. He groaned, wanting to devour every morsel of her as he had the dinner she’d prepared for him. He felt her breasts swell into him, begging him to touch them. He was being led into a dance of seduction that he easily took part in.
He pressed her to him, his hardness feverish against the softness of her belly. His mouth continued to explore her lips, licking and sucking with delirious tenderness and urgency. Lifting her, he pressed her back against the wall, her womanhood hard against his groin.
As they moaned softly into each other, Courtney wrapped her legs around his hips. A surge of heat blasting its way through him, he pressed closer into her. As close as their clothing allowed. As close as his dwindling resistance would allow.
Nay, I cannot allow this to happen. I cannot take this lady as if she were some wench seeking a tumble for the night. I have come to care too deeply for her too quickly.
“Good God, woman.” His breath coming hard and fast, Reynold held her against the wall, afraid to move another inch. “Thou hast bewitched me,” he whispered, kissing her deeply once more before slowly leaving the warmth the circle of her hips promised him. He held her as she slid down the wall, her feet padding lightly on the wooden floor, the light of lust leaving its shadow in her eyes.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Sexy Woman

This week’s theme is My Sexy Woman. Yes, this is our nod to the heroines. You all know what make them sexy and wonderful.  My Sexy Woman comes from Human Touch with a very pregnant Jules sending Miles off to meet with the boys.

Jules snuggled deeper in bed, pulling the ragged comforter up under her chin. It felt good to finally get off her feet and rest a bit. The baby had been kicking more than usual all day, wearing her out. She wished Miles would settle down and join her instead of making security plans with his father. He was wearing her out as well.
She closed her eyes, thinking of how their lives had changed since coming to the Colony five months earlier. They’d found a family she could have only dreamt of. From the start her gut and heart agreed that Jameson told the truth about being Miles’ father. Too many things added up to the fact and it took her a while to convince Miles. The diary Jameson had kept all these years and its time frame being completely spot on had been the most convincing for Miles. Of course, the many eyewitnesses still alive didn’t hurt any either.
The photo of the way Jameson and Suzanne held their baby without a care in the world touched her heart. If she hadn’t known Miles all of her life, she may not have caught the subtle similarities between father and son.
It was uncanny how the crooked curve of Miles’ smile matched the one on Jameson’s young photographed face. From the sexy indentations of their chins, right down to the way their eyes crinkled the same along the curve of their lid. It very well could have been Miles in that photo, not Jameson. Little Reola gave her a soft kick and she smiled, smoothing her hand over the swell of her belly; soon it would be three generations photographed.
She’d digested the news they’d gotten from Jameson Clark months ago better than her husband. Miles warmed to the truth eventually. The two, father and son, were nearly inseparable these days, plotting and scheming about getting more people out of SPAR headquarters. Jameson was in constant contact with Phillip.
“Miles, please stop pacing and come to bed.” She patted the empty space next to her. “I sure could use your arms around me, not to mention your body heat right now.”
The look he gave her said it all. Sleep was the last thing on his mind. She sighed deeply, taking in the crisp mountain air. Tonight, the empty space next to her would remain so for a while longer.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

We're Sexy Hot

Nashville By Morning

Contemporary Romance Sequel to Nashville Rising Star

A break in the trees revealed the splendor of the warm summer night. The sky was clear and the stars and full moon burned brightly, casting a silvery light on them. From this side of the house, the bright lights of Nashville glowed below.
“It’s so beautiful. Almost like you’re sitting on top of the world. You’d never guess this was in the city.” She listened to the rustling of leaves as a gentle breeze passed through them. The music of the night played around her. Peaceful. Quiet. Serene.
James put his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to him. She gazed into his eyes, feeling the want and desire burning at their surface. She trembled like a leaf and he drew her closer, wrapping her in his arms. His musky smell filled her, awakening every pore.
His hand followed the curve of her back up to her shoulders. Once his hands found her cheeks, he paused only a moment before his mouth found hers. The gentle power devoured her lips. Helpless, she responded to their magic.
She explored his back, running her hands over his muscles and traveling along unknown territory. A wave of desire slammed through her as James gently lowered her to a patch of thick green grass.
Shivers pricked her skin as his mouth left her briefly. He braced their weight as they reached the silky grass. She inhaled deeply as his hands moved slowly up her sides, over the small roundness of her stomach and then lightly brushed across her breasts. His exploration of her ended with hesitation at her chin. Searching his seemingly coal-black eyes, she knew no words needed to be spoken. She was safe. There was nothing there for her to fear.
He sweetly kissed her ear lobes, and she closed her eyes, lost in the freed desires. A small sexual groan escaped when a warm, wet tongue traced her jaw line and then traveled down her chin. Light butterfly kisses followed, sending more shock waves through her.
She arched her back as his strong fingers lightly circled her nipples through her cotton blouse. Running her fingers and hands through James’s thick black hair, she found his mouth and claimed it with her own.
As their mouths met, a flash of lightning lit the sky and thunder shook the ground. The rain fell before they could stop kissing.
James pulled her to her feet and they ran for the house. When they had reached the safety of the doorway, their laughter was followed by a long wet kiss, the rain dripping off their bodies.
Unlocking the door, James reached inside and turned on a light. “I’ll get you a towel and something dry to put on.”

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