Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Sexy Woman

This week’s theme is My Sexy Woman. Yes, this is our nod to the heroines. You all know what make them sexy and wonderful.  My Sexy Woman comes from Human Touch with a very pregnant Jules sending Miles off to meet with the boys.

Jules snuggled deeper in bed, pulling the ragged comforter up under her chin. It felt good to finally get off her feet and rest a bit. The baby had been kicking more than usual all day, wearing her out. She wished Miles would settle down and join her instead of making security plans with his father. He was wearing her out as well.
She closed her eyes, thinking of how their lives had changed since coming to the Colony five months earlier. They’d found a family she could have only dreamt of. From the start her gut and heart agreed that Jameson told the truth about being Miles’ father. Too many things added up to the fact and it took her a while to convince Miles. The diary Jameson had kept all these years and its time frame being completely spot on had been the most convincing for Miles. Of course, the many eyewitnesses still alive didn’t hurt any either.
The photo of the way Jameson and Suzanne held their baby without a care in the world touched her heart. If she hadn’t known Miles all of her life, she may not have caught the subtle similarities between father and son.
It was uncanny how the crooked curve of Miles’ smile matched the one on Jameson’s young photographed face. From the sexy indentations of their chins, right down to the way their eyes crinkled the same along the curve of their lid. It very well could have been Miles in that photo, not Jameson. Little Reola gave her a soft kick and she smiled, smoothing her hand over the swell of her belly; soon it would be three generations photographed.
She’d digested the news they’d gotten from Jameson Clark months ago better than her husband. Miles warmed to the truth eventually. The two, father and son, were nearly inseparable these days, plotting and scheming about getting more people out of SPAR headquarters. Jameson was in constant contact with Phillip.
“Miles, please stop pacing and come to bed.” She patted the empty space next to her. “I sure could use your arms around me, not to mention your body heat right now.”
The look he gave her said it all. Sleep was the last thing on his mind. She sighed deeply, taking in the crisp mountain air. Tonight, the empty space next to her would remain so for a while longer.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

We're Sexy Hot

Nashville By Morning

Contemporary Romance Sequel to Nashville Rising Star

A break in the trees revealed the splendor of the warm summer night. The sky was clear and the stars and full moon burned brightly, casting a silvery light on them. From this side of the house, the bright lights of Nashville glowed below.
“It’s so beautiful. Almost like you’re sitting on top of the world. You’d never guess this was in the city.” She listened to the rustling of leaves as a gentle breeze passed through them. The music of the night played around her. Peaceful. Quiet. Serene.
James put his arms around her waist, drawing her closer to him. She gazed into his eyes, feeling the want and desire burning at their surface. She trembled like a leaf and he drew her closer, wrapping her in his arms. His musky smell filled her, awakening every pore.
His hand followed the curve of her back up to her shoulders. Once his hands found her cheeks, he paused only a moment before his mouth found hers. The gentle power devoured her lips. Helpless, she responded to their magic.
She explored his back, running her hands over his muscles and traveling along unknown territory. A wave of desire slammed through her as James gently lowered her to a patch of thick green grass.
Shivers pricked her skin as his mouth left her briefly. He braced their weight as they reached the silky grass. She inhaled deeply as his hands moved slowly up her sides, over the small roundness of her stomach and then lightly brushed across her breasts. His exploration of her ended with hesitation at her chin. Searching his seemingly coal-black eyes, she knew no words needed to be spoken. She was safe. There was nothing there for her to fear.
He sweetly kissed her ear lobes, and she closed her eyes, lost in the freed desires. A small sexual groan escaped when a warm, wet tongue traced her jaw line and then traveled down her chin. Light butterfly kisses followed, sending more shock waves through her.
She arched her back as his strong fingers lightly circled her nipples through her cotton blouse. Running her fingers and hands through James’s thick black hair, she found his mouth and claimed it with her own.
As their mouths met, a flash of lightning lit the sky and thunder shook the ground. The rain fell before they could stop kissing.
James pulled her to her feet and they ran for the house. When they had reached the safety of the doorway, their laughter was followed by a long wet kiss, the rain dripping off their bodies.
Unlocking the door, James reached inside and turned on a light. “I’ll get you a towel and something dry to put on.”

(available in ebook and print)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Eternally Yours

Now available

Cassandra’s heart twisted when she looked at Garrett in full lamplight. If anything, his imperfections made him more ruggedly handsome. The scar on his right cheek made her wince for him, feeling his pain, and the hard look in his eyes told her he read her emotions and didn’t appreciate him. This is why he always kept himself in shadows. Knowing that her continued study made him edgy, she cast her glance around the room feeling as if she’d stepped onto the set for some movie around the time of the American Revolution in a seedy part of town. An open hearth fireplace, with a heavenly scented roast chicken turning on a spit took center focus, with no screen to keep the embers from popping out onto the floor or the people passing near it? Don’t these people know they could burn the place down being so careless?
Russell Canterbury stood just outside the doors of Eternal Pleasures lurking in the night’s shadows. He felt right at home there, as he should given its link with his past. He impatiently bided his time, waiting for CJ Jameson to leave the sex toy store. On this night of Valentine’s Day he wanted Paige Matteson all to himself, without any interruptions from the pesky woman who’d gotten his long-time friend, and sometimes foe, Garrett Alexander killed. Never mind the fact she hadn’t done it with her own hand, but she might as well have. Her mere presence in his and Garrett’s time-period more than a hundred years ago had set the wheel of destiny in motion, leaving Russell to walk the dark road of time alone. His loss had to be avenged.

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Otto Media:

Chisholm Trail Arts Council’s
1st Annual CTAC Art Walk, Duncan

Heidi Vandlandingham and I did a book signing at the first CTAC Artwalk this past June.  It was hot, busy, and lots of fun. We both met some awesome people and even autographed a book or two. I’ll be there next year, June 25, 2016 … please take the drive to Duncan and say “Hello.”

Maxine Douglas

Check out the article in the Duncan Banner here.