Wednesday, November 2, 2016

myRWA : Blogs : Industry Spotlight: Jane Porter, Founder of Tule Publishing

myRWA : Blogs : Industry Spotlight: Jane Porter, Founder of Tule Publishing

Most people who work in the publishing industry—be they authors, agents, editors, cover artists, or one of many other types of professionals it takes to bring books to the reading public—automatically and necessarily view that industry from their unique perspective determined by their position in it. However, author Jane Porter’s view of the publishing landscape now comes from two perspectives, ..... Continue Reading

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Elizabeth Alsobrooks Book Bling:  Amazon's New  No Author Review Policy

Last year, Amazon began deleting reviews from books and authors couldn't figure out why. After some research, the new policies helped explain. Amazon had successfully implemented new book review policies. Here are the reviews the amazon watchdogs are already chewing up and swallowing whole:

1) A review by a book blogger whose blog is...
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

myRWA : Blogs : Exploring Romance Tropes: Uncovering Character

myRWA : Blogs : Exploring Romance Tropes: Uncovering Character
In hidden or mistaken identity stories, at least one of the main characters either perpetuates an error that keeps their identity hidden or misleads others about who they are. The conflicts of these stories often center around deception and trust, but they also are an opportunity to reveal a character’s potential to his or herself, often ending with the character growing by taking on facets of this second personality.
In Mia Sosa’s Unbuttoning the CEO, for example,...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

5 Star Western Historical Romance Boxset


Prisoners of Love: Cinnamon, by USA Today best-selling author, Callie Hutton
In 1877 saloon girl, Cinnamon O’Brien, sits in Dodge City jail with three other women charged with various crimes. Her charges, of course, are totally unfair since she only hit the mayor over the head with the pitcher of beer because he grabbed her lady parts. Now the marshal gives the four women a choice: join up with the wagon train in Fort Dodge and head to Santa Fe as a mail order bride, or when the judge sobers up, he’ll be so ornery he’ll probably sent them to the state prison.
Before they even leave, childhood friend, Jedediah Nelson, newly ordained preacher headed to Santa Fe, and in need of a wife, proposes to Cinnamon. A preacher and a saloon girl? She’s about to give him a wild ride. 

The Reluctant Bride, by award winning author, Maxine Douglas
Roseanne “Rose” Duncan, witnesses her employer push his sickly wife down the staircase. Fearing she’ll have to testify against a prominent man in town, she’s given an ad for a mail order bride in Dodge City. Believing this is a way for her to escape the possible danger of her employer, she travels to Dodge City and marries under the name of Abigail Johnson.
Logan Granger, is a Pinkerton Detective assigned to Dodge City area as an undercover bartender. When his mail order bride, “Abby,” steps off the train she doesn’t fit the description of a matronly woman who has agreed to his marriage contract of no emotional attachments. There’s no time to reconsider the preacher is waiting to marry them.
Rose hadn’t expected the handsome man waiting for her to be an undercover bartender with a six shooter on his hip and a badge on his lapel. Logan hadn’t expected his soon to be wife to be young, beautiful, and a runaway murder witness.  

Miss Fortune and the Major, by Peggy McKenzie
Calamity Fortune was born under a bad luck star. And now, It’s time to find a new place to call home after she burns down the church during her best friend’s wedding. A place she can be herself without fear of judgment. An advertisement catches her eye. “Widower seeks a wife. Salary included. Platonic relationship guaranteed. Pagosa Springs, Colorado.” Calamity hopes a change in scenery can bring a change in luck and a place she can live by her own rules.
Major Lucas Quinn, widower, decorated officer, used to giving orders and getting respect, can’t control his own children. His sister, Sarah, insists it’s his unyielding, arrogant, absolute control over everyone and everything preventing anyone who knows him from agreeing to be his wife. Lucas places an advertisement for a mail order bride and he makes it clear--his new wife must be organized, run a disciplined household and well-suited with children. There is no room for insubordination.  

The Bride’s Deception, by Heidi Vanlandingham
Escaping the outlaw who controlled her old life, Alayna Kimbal is determined to forge a new one. She answers a mail-order advertisement and shoulders the job of wife and mother, each day hoping her lies and the identity of the man hunting her aren’t discovered.
Marshal Jerome Riddick's life-long goal is to never get married. Then the only woman he ever trusted is killed. Struggling to care for her children, he realizes he can no longer dodge his duty so he takes a bride--only to find out she’s keeping a huge secret from him. A secret that could get them all killed.