Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mindy Klasky’s Book Quote Wednesday

 This week’s #bookqw word is: “finger” and comes from RED RIVER CROSSING, book 1 of Men of the Double K series, a western historical romance. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mindy Klasky’s Book Quote Wednesday

This week’s word is: “light” and comes from THE CATTLEMAN’S BRIDE, book 3 of the Brides Along the Chisholm Trail series, a western historical romance. 
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Thursday, August 23, 2018

(Release date August 24, 2018)
By Anna Kittrell

Anna works as a middle school secretary in her beloved hometown of Anadarko, Oklahoma, where she resides with her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, Tim. She has written for as long as she can remember, and still has many of her tattered creations—stories she used to sell on the playground for a dime, written on notebook paper. Her love of storytelling has grown throughout the years, and she is thrilled her tales are now worth more than ten cents.

Ten years ago, Briar’s body rejected a government mandated vaccine known as SAP (Serum to Advance Progressivism), formulated to erase God from the mind. Briar was seven years old. She’s been on house arrest ever since.
Now, just weeks from becoming a legal adult, Briar remains non-responsive to her mandatory SAP injections. Along with her rapidly approaching eighteenth birthday looms a grim reality: by order of the Commandment, adulthood means institutionalization for those resistant to SAP.
In a matter of days, Briar will become a permanent resident of the ARC—a facility shrouded in dark rumors of torture, experimentation, and death. Her only alternative is to accept a last minute ultimatum to become a laboratory test subject for a new God-dissolving serum.
With a decade of solitude behind her and a lifetime of confinement before her—what does she have to lose? Except maybe her soul.


“It’s late September, not the middle of July,” Briar’s mother said, blotting her forehead as she clipped down the walkway toward the car. “Seems Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.”
“Can I drive?” Briar jogged to the driver’s side.
“We’ve already discussed this. You’re not allowed behind the wheel until that thing comes off your leg.” Her mother nodded toward the clunky black box strapped around Briar’s ankle.
The infamous ankle monitor—aka life destroyer. Briar’s electronic prison guard since age seven.
“But that’s so ridiculous. What am I going to do, pick up a bunch of other unlevels and start a crusade? Come on, please? Just to the clinic. They’ll never know.”
“Don’t argue, just get in.” She aimed the key fob at the car.
“You know, Mom, if you had a cuffphone, like the rest of the population, you wouldn’t need that old fob. The car would sense you coming and the door would pop open on its own.”
Briar drudged around to the passenger side and climbed in, the headachy sweet scent of floral air freshener hitting her between the eyes.
Her mom slid behind the wheel and clicked her seatbelt. “Buckle up,” she said, double-glancing at her daughter. “What on earth is that on your head?”
“You noticed?” Briar pulled the seatbelt over her shoulder and snapped it, catching a section of long blue hair in the clasp. “I was chatting with Mouse online, trying to cheer him up.” She plucked the wig from her head, freed the strands from the buckle, and pushed the wig into her bag, causing her furry keychain to fall out onto her lap.
“He was sad about losing his dad.”
The little boy’s face had crumpled as he’d told her he wanted his dad back. She’d known how to make him feel better but had swallowed the comforting Bible verse on her tongue—one of many her grandmother had taught her as a child—and put on the silly wig instead. Blue hair was acceptable. Reciting scripture would get her arrested. Sharing Christian faith was illegal by law of The Commandment. The crime carried an even stiffer penalty than skipping a SAP injection or disabling a fleshcard.
Not that either of those things meant anything to Briar. Her body repeatedly rejected the Serum to Accelerate Progressivism, meaning she had no need for the under-the-skin device that kept track of SAP levels in the brain. Her body’s intolerance of SAP was the reason she couldn’t take a walk around the neighborhood, or drive—or do anything that made life worth living.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Last week I spent a few days at RWA Conference. For those who don't know RWA (Romance Writers of America) is not only a national romance writer organization but a world-wide organization. Each year they hold a conference in a difference section of the US with tons of workshops (career and craft), book signings, publisher giveaways, industry information for all their members and non-members who attend. No, you don't need to be a member of RWA to attend their conference each year. So that means that you can attend next year in New York!!!!

This trip was more of a therapeutic event for me. While in Denver, the third month of my husband's passing took place on the 19th. I am so blessed and grateful to the friends I have within this organization who were there to give me a hug when they thought I needed it, or a pat on the knee when I thought I'd hidden my tears. I love you all and you mean the world to me. Sometimes I didn't know when I needed your strength when mine is fading, but you did.

I hope you enjoy the article below and the live videos (which were iffy because of the weak connection due to location of events).

Maria Connor, VA (My Author Concierge) and me

Golden Heart Luncheon
Western Sizzler Authors
Teri Riggs, Sylvia McDaniel, Peggy McKenzie
Merry Farmer, Callie Hutton, me
Sylvia McDaniel, Maria Connor, 
Heidi Vanlandingham, me

Rita Award Ceremony

Some of my stash for Birthday Boxes at FB Group
Maxine's Book Divas

Saturday, April 14, 2018

N O W   I N   A U D I O

Book 3, Brides Along the Chisholm Trail
Audio Sample

Book 2, Nashville Duets
Audio Sample

Life throws things at you that you never expected to ever happen.

Last month ago -- March 14 -- my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV brain and liver cancer.  Our normal life is no longer what we once had. It is now filled with cherishing each day we have together. To weather the ups and downs. The good days and the bad days.

Please keep my husband in your prayers.

I have faith that my love, my life, my everything, will be healed by His healing hands. ☝🙏

Read our journey here: