Saturday, February 23, 2013


I received not one, but TWO, contracts today from MuseIt Up Publishing for Blood Ties and The Queen! 2013 is going to be busy!!!!

 Release dates:

Blue Moon Magic (print only, w/a
Debi Wilder Author) – April (approx)
Human Touch (erotica w/a Debi Wilder) – July(approx)
The Queen (Four Seasons of Passion series, Summer Lovin’, w/a
Author Maxine Douglas) – August(approx)
Blood Ties (time travel, w/a Maxine Douglas) – September(approx)

Four Seasons of Passion Series, Summer Lovin'
Cole Masterson takes a ghost hunting gig aboard the Queen Mary to find out more why pictures of his great grandfather and Hanna Amery are in an old locket.

Hanna Amery finds the love she left behind on The Gray Ghost housed in the body of Cole Masterson, she just needs to figure out how to get to him.

What happens when they find each other on opposite planes?

THE QUEEN sets sail from port MuseItUp Pubishing in August 2013.

Chocolate, Flowers, and . . . Happily Ever After

Chocolate, Flowers, and . . . Happily Ever After
After Val and Tina Hart nestled in front of the fire in their suite and clinked wine gl...

Chocolate, Flowers, and . . . Trust

Chocolate, Flowers, and . . . Trust:  by Kathy L Wheeler
 “Darling, you made it!”          
Angelique Daugherty hugged her Aunt Tina tightly, a pang of emotion i...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Wild Stallions

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Wild Stallions: WILD STALLIONS By Christy Gronlund             “Alright everyone,” Philomena Clark clapped. “Let’s place the tables four across t...

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Cupid's Cabin

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Cupid's Cabin: Cupid’s Cabin by Debi Rogers   “Toddye Connors! It’s been too long!” The SweetHart Lodge’s bartender’s bright smile of recognition ...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .A Recipe for Love

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .A Recipe for Love:   by Heidi Vanlandingham
      “Wouldn’t you like a warm, soft, gooey cinnamon roll to take with you?” Holly Cavanaug...

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Twins

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Twins:  by Tamrie Foxtail

“You do know I don’t ski?” Andy said, casting a slightly bemused look at his daughter.
Kealy shrugged, corners of her mouth 

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Champagne

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .Champagne:  By Anna Kittrell      
“How are you holding up over there?” Kayla asked. Taffy waved through the center of the d...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .:The Outsider

The Outsider:   The Outsider by Silver James      Megan Carter stared at the blank window open on her laptop screen. She’d returned to Valent...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .

Be Mine: BY MARY JO SPRINGER ~~ “Your fantasy man is over there.”           Angela Marchant’s gaze fol...

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .

The Golden Band: by Callie Hutton ~~ Aileen Kramer glanced out the car window and her breath caught at the magnificence of Valentine, Co...

Chocolates, Flowers and . .

Chocolates, Flowers and . . .: Welcome to SweetHart Lodge in Valentine, Colorado....: Your hosts, Val and Tina Hart, offer only the best in food, comfort, and fun. Come snuggle in front of the roaring fire or spen...