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Eternally Yours

Cassandra Jameson and her best friend, Paige Matteson, have opened a store in an ancient part of town called Eternal Pleasures. Cassandra is obsessed with pleasuring herself as no man has ever been able to accomplish, and finds herself an old, tattered book of erotic Victorian tales. She becomes obsessed with a male character which appears in each of the stories she reads and begins to fantasize about him.
Garrett Alexander lived his life performing the teachings of pleasures of the body hundreds of years before. His shop Eternal Pleasures was located in the very same spot that the new Eternal Pleasures has now opened. Having heard the siren call of CJ, Garrett finds he cannot resist the burning desire to pleasure her as no mortal man has ever done before.
Paige Matteson has some promises to fulfill to her best friend, CJ…and herself. The mysterious Russell Canterbury may just be the one to take her into a world of sex she’d thought impossible. But Russell has other ideas. He’s travelled hundreds of years to seek revenge for the death of his dear friend, Garrett, and CJ is his target. Or is it jealousy that spurs him now that Garrett has found peace instead of walking in the shadows of the undead for centuries? What sacrifices are they willing to make for love?

Live your life only By the Blue Moon.

Damn it! Chastity gave Justin a quick shove in the chest, moving him almost a foot away from her. “Don’t you come near me, Matthews. I don’t know what you’ve got up your sleeve, but be certain that I don’t want any part of it.” Liar, liar pants on fire.

His beautiful smile melted her resistance just a tad. “Now, Chastity, we both know that’s impossible.”

“Stop calling me that…you’ll refer to me as Ms. Langford. And if you think for one moment that I’m going to abide by Daddy’s command, you’re sorely mistaken.” Even if I’d love nothing more than to feel your hardness inside me. Oh yeah, I bet you’re big and… Damn it but that man gets under my skin! She slid along the wall toward the elevator doors. Her left arm stretched against the coolness, she never took her eyes off his luscious body. With every inch she moved, he matched it with fluidness.

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Second Chances at Lacey’s Lamp
Gabby Adams did the unthinkable – she put her unborn child in harm’s way and lost. While Ryan Peterson was fleeing the thugs he owed money to for horse betting, Gabby placed herself physically between the man she loved and the men who wanted to harm him. Gabby feels she’s undeserving to give her love to anyone, physically or emotionally. With ghosts laid to rest and Lacey’s help, will Gabby find love in the arms of another man? Is this Gabby’s Second Chance?

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