Saturday, October 15, 2016

Elizabeth Alsobrooks Book Bling:  Amazon's New  No Author Review Policy

Last year, Amazon began deleting reviews from books and authors couldn't figure out why. After some research, the new policies helped explain. Amazon had successfully implemented new book review policies. Here are the reviews the amazon watchdogs are already chewing up and swallowing whole:

1) A review by a book blogger whose blog is...
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

myRWA : Blogs : Exploring Romance Tropes: Uncovering Character

myRWA : Blogs : Exploring Romance Tropes: Uncovering Character
In hidden or mistaken identity stories, at least one of the main characters either perpetuates an error that keeps their identity hidden or misleads others about who they are. The conflicts of these stories often center around deception and trust, but they also are an opportunity to reveal a character’s potential to his or herself, often ending with the character growing by taking on facets of this second personality.
In Mia Sosa’s Unbuttoning the CEO, for example,...