Works In Progress/Development

The Cattleman’s BrideWestern Historical
(Fall 2017, tentative)
Cyrus Kennedy drove his herd into Dodge City, dirt and trail dust coating him from head to toe. He needed a bath, shave, and a good meal after he visited the Pinkerton agent assigned to his case.
Montana Sue grew feverish watching the cattle bawling and stomping their way through the middle of Dodge. It wasn’t the longhorns making her insides on fire, it was the cowboy covered in dried mud and layers of dust sitting tall in the saddle.

Black Horse Canyon Simply Series
Simply To Hope For Contemporary
Dan Adams is left to raise 5 small children and take care of an old mansion after his wife Lisa dies of an illness. For two years he’s gone through housekeeper after housekeeper…until Sarah Jones applies for the position.
Sarah Jones knows the reality of death. A childless woman, she finds her way to the Adams household and finds the way to open her heart to more than grief.
Simply to Live For Contemporary/Mystery
From the court room to the rink, Nicole Simon leads a double life as NAME until a derby accident puts her at odds with the sport she’d found fulfilling and a man who drives her crazy with desire.
The last thing new guy in town Reed Donlin, club franchise owner and one hell of a sexy guy, needs is a lawyer turned derby star on his team…especially after one of his girls gets hurt in a track malfunction.
Simply to Love For Contemporary
After settling a crime in LA, Jackson Wolfe has returned to her horse ranch, Revolving Roses, in Black Horse Canyon, OK….with former Texas Ranger, Clint Mason, hot on her heels.

Single Title
Western Historical Romance
Red River Crossing – (October/November 2017, tentative)
The Midwife’s Promise– (December 2017, tentative)
Paranormal Romance
Cross My Heart… -- Love after death
Emerald GroveEmerald Grove, small town, big secret.
Fargo’s GhostBased *loosely* Fargo Family, mysterious death of wife in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.
Pyramid Lake Legend of Rock Lake
Lighthouse CoveA lighthouse in middle of night, stormy, in the light a ship is seen in the area of a late 1800 Shipwreck in Lake Superior.
Train RideWWI, St. Louis Union Station
Twisted Fairy Tales
Esmeralda’s ShoeFairy tale twist
Erotic Romance
BootleggerThis investigation’s going to get interesting, especially when the prohibition is sex.
Carnival: The GuardianThe Covet Amusement Company could return to her sleepy little town after twenty years of having been banned to find a mortal enemy waiting.
Indigo Blue and the Lost Papers of AphroditeIndigo Blue searches for the Lost Papers of Aphrodite.

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