Thursday, April 5, 2012

I've always had a fascination with castles and medieval times. It must be the fact that the knight always comes to save the damsel no matter the cost. Nowadays when I need to conjure up knights in shining armor or making love under a waterfall these pictures come to mind.

The Collings Castle is nestled inside the Arbuckle Mountains of Turner Falls Park in Davis, Oklahoma. I believe the castle is one of America's lost treasures, and will one day fall to complete ruin and become part of the mountain.

Last October my husband and I, along with our daughter and her significant other, took a drive over to Davis. Being fall, the park was literally free of campers. Oklahoma was in the middle of a drought, but there was still water flowing from the water fall. The castle steps are steep and if you're afraid of heights, you may not want to venture to far up into the levels of the castle walls.

However, once within the walls and rooms, you can't help but close your eyes, letting your mind drift back to the 15th Century. Its in those sweet moments, if you listen closely, you can almost hear the sound of hooves and the clanging of armor.

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