Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today my Six  comes from Knight to Remember, a time-travel romance set at the Bristol Ren Faire in Wisconsin.

Set Up:

Courtney is watching Reyn in the jousting list.

My Six:

As much as she’d tried to eavesdrop on the two men, the horse had captured and held her imagination. She could feel herself on its powerful back, sheltered in the arms of the Black Knight of Heartsease.

She rocked with the rhythm of the horse’s canter, strong forearms wedging her between a pair of mail-covered arms. A black plume matching the blackness of the arnet flowed in the breeze—a perfect complement to that of the horse’s tail. From under the metal headpiece, long hair fell over a broad width of shoulders. Courtney reached up and ran her fingers over the nicked metal. Slowly she lifted the front plate to see the eyes peeking through the narrow slats…

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