Saturday, December 5, 2015

Welcome to Week 120 of My Sexy Saturday.  

This week’s theme is A Sexy Galaxy. We love those stories that come from beyond our galaxy. They can even start in our galaxy and end up far, far away…we don’t care…as we love those stories that remind us of love in a different time and space.

In my sci-fi Human Touch life as we have always known it is changed.  In 2499 it’s reported that sex is forbidden and all natural child conception shall end, until …. In 2525 three human couples discover sex and give birth to three rogue babies that are captured in a raid. Then In 2550 three humans raised by SPAR officials, Reola, Stuart, and Simon rediscover what their parents before then knew…the human touch. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s go back to where it all begins at SPAR Headquarters in the year 2525.

“Jules, we’ve got all the material we need to really feel what it’s like.” Miles held her close, inhaling the sweet aroma of her womanhood. She’d changed over the past year, as they’d all changed. Instead of being compliant, she’d become opinionated and had this deliciousness about her he found hard to resist. But she’d been slower to accept her new found sexuality. He was damned straight going to make it his business to awaken her fully. His hands shook at the thought but he hesitated. His hot gaze tracing her beautiful body from the faint light of excitement in her eyes to the way she nervously nibbled on her lower lip. He bit back a groan wanting nothing more than to taste her. His gaze continued its fascinated journey down her body from the pulse beat in her throat to the generous swell of her breasts. His focus sharpened and he could swear he saw her nipples bud. His mouth watered. His gaze drifted lower down her flat tummy to the womanly curve of her hips and then the soft mound of her sex. Was she wet for him? Hell, where had that thought come from?
“Miles, we can’t, not here. You know there may be evidence of what we’ve done,” she weakly argued against his neck, her breath warm like butter upon his skin.
He kissed her softly, groaning at her sweet taste, relishing the way her body melted against him, surrendering little by little. He felt her worry and her simmering arousal war with one another. His newly awakened penis throbbed, growing stiff as it pressed against the soft mound of her sex. The scent of her arousal drove him crazy and his cock ached at the restraint of his lab uniform. If he moved just a fraction of an inch, he’d feel the warmth of her thigh against his throbbing appendage. He ached to just grab her luscious ass, pull her close and grind against her until they were both on fire. The fear of scaring her off should have stopped him, but it didn’t, not when she was finally catching fire in his arms.
Shit, if he waited for her to make the first move he’d be jacking off in the shower alone again just like he had every night since he’d been thawed out. Then he’d be crawling into bed with her for a chaste kiss that didn’t do much to satisfy his unquenchable thirst. He wanted so much more, and he knew by the way she clung to him that she did too. He was tiring of taking care of business alone; he wanted to feel Jules’ warmth wrapped around him instead of his cold and clammy hand. Okay, so there’s nothing wrong with self-exploration, but damn it he needed her to give all of herself to him, not just the teasing bits and pieces she allowed him. He really hated the cat and mouse game they’d been playing since the drugs had worn off and he sensed she was at her breaking point finally able to let go the lies of the past and embrace their future.
“Look, Jules, look at what our ancestors were really like.” Miles flipped open a brown covered book to a picture of a couple fondling each other. “They’re just like we are, trying to learn about each other.”
Jules intensely studied the black and white sketch of a woman with her hand wrapped around a man’s penis, a secret smile on her face. What was she thinking?
“Aw!” Miles caught his breath as he felt her hand glide over his crotch, her wide-eyed gaze never leaving the page. He groaned when she caressed him tracing the shape of his shaft through his clothes. God, what would it feel like to have her wrapped around his bare flesh? He cautiously touched her, prepared to back away if she spooked. She smiled up at him and leaned into his touch, emboldening him to continue. He caressed the inside of her thigh in return, grinning when he heard her gasp as he touched her more intimately. His palm cupped the heat of her mound and she let out a little breathy sound that drove his heart beating wildly. His body pulsed in response and he gave her a gentle squeeze. She cried out and he thanked whatever wild instinct that had brought them to this place. The box of contraband inspired them both, and there was no power on earth that could stop him now.

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KC Kendricks said...

Where's the fan?

Maxine Douglas said...

LOL KC ... I didn't think of that. Would your cold shower work? :)
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