Friday, February 17, 2017


Simply to Die For has found a home with MuseItUp Publishing.  I don't have a solid publishing date, but it will be sometime this year.  This is the first of a series set in Black Horse Canyon, Oklahoma.

Simply to Die For is the first cozy that I’ve written.

Simply to Die For: Clar Turner, (ex-porn star, Kandi Kyses), had quit the business and returns to her hometown to open up a candy store; until her BFF, Levi Andres, is beaten and left for dead during filming. Clar must become Kandi once again to find who is responsible, and why her candy wrappers were at the scene of the crime. She calls upon her mentor, Jackson Wolfe, to help assist in finding the assailant.

Jimmy O'Brien is a reporter who finds out Clar Turner, the woman he’s loved, and protected for years, is on the “porn star” killer’s hit list. When Levi Andres is beaten and left for dead, Jimmy is both surprised and happy to see Clar Turner back in LA, what he’s not thrilled about is Clar becoming Kandi again or the fact that a dirty detective, Reed Cameron,  he had a run-in with years before in Chicago has shown up in LA and is on the case.

Can they save Clar before the killer takes his revenge on her?

Simply to Die For is the first book in a 4 book series yet to be written in 2017/2018:

Simply to Live For: From the courtroom to the rink, Nicole Simon leads a double life as roller derby star until a derby accident puts her at odds with the sport she’d found fulfilling and a man who drives her crazy with desire. The last thing new guy in town Reed Donlin, club franchise owner and one hell of a sexy guy, needs is a lawyer turned derby star on his team…especially after one of his girls gets hurt in a track malfunction.

Simply to Hope For: Dan Adams is left to raise 5 small children and take care of an old mansion after his wife Lisa dies of an illness. For two years he’s gone through housekeeper after housekeeper…until Sarah Jones applies for the position. Sarah Jones knows the reality of death. A childless woman, she finds her way to the Adams household and finds the way to open her heart to more than grief.

Simply to Love For After settling a crime in LA, Jackson Wolfe has returned to her horse ranch, Revolving Roses, in Black Horse Canyon, OK…with former Texas Ranger, Clint Mason, hot on her heels.

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Dawn S said...

Yes, yes yes....I think I have found a new series of books that I can't wait to read!
Thank you Maxine and I can't wait to tell my friends!Dawn Stevens