Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Sexy Saturday

“Thou art wrong. Black magic brought me here; it can return me in like.” He turned into the warmth of Courtney’s arms, knowing in his mind she may be right, even if his heart denied it. Only evil could send him back—the kind of evil that didn’t exist in her world. He pulled her closer to him, inhaling her very essence. The vanilla scent of her hair mingled with the lavender of her skin, awakened a wild desire.
Lifting her chin with a forefinger, he wiped away a small tear in the corner of her loving eyes. Her soft, pink lips swelled with a need for him to take them with his own. The tip of her pink tongue quickly snaked out, taunting him. He claimed the invitation her mouth sent.
She tasted of meat and potatoes. He groaned, wanting to devour every morsel of her as he had the dinner she’d prepared for him. He felt her breasts swell into him, begging him to touch them. He was being led into a dance of seduction that he easily took part in.
He pressed her to him, his hardness feverish against the softness of her belly. His mouth continued to explore her lips, licking and sucking with delirious tenderness and urgency. Lifting her, he pressed her back against the wall, her womanhood hard against his groin.
As they moaned softly into each other, Courtney wrapped her legs around his hips. A surge of heat blasting its way through him, he pressed closer into her. As close as their clothing allowed. As close as his dwindling resistance would allow.
Nay, I cannot allow this to happen. I cannot take this lady as if she were some wench seeking a tumble for the night. I have come to care too deeply for her too quickly.
“Good God, woman.” His breath coming hard and fast, Reynold held her against the wall, afraid to move another inch. “Thou hast bewitched me,” he whispered, kissing her deeply once more before slowly leaving the warmth the circle of her hips promised him. He held her as she slid down the wall, her feet padding lightly on the wooden floor, the light of lust leaving its shadow in her eyes.

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