Saturday, April 4, 2015

This week’s theme is A Long Sexy Time and it’s all about those who have loved another for a long time.

A long-lost aunt, two loving ghosts, two people looking for answers, the Civil War and a family legacy all with BLOOD TIES.

Genre  Historical Time Travel

Emma believes it to be the storm, Mother Nature, which played tricks with her eyes. Not a devilishly handsome rogue like me, Samuel remarked, slipping through Emma as she put new sheets on the old mattress.
Stop with this nonsense, Samuel, Josie threw back at him, avoiding his reach. We’ve got to get this plan moving forward tonight. You saw the way they were up here, kissing one another like they’d been courting for years.
I know. How’d he get to be so lucky? It took going to war before I got to hold you that close, Samuel thought, jealousy edging his words. Of course, we both know that you had something to do with their kiss. After all, you put the idea into her head. You and your silly romantic notions, Samuel continued, turning an amount of the blame toward Josie.
Oh, I see. You had nothing whatsoever to do with Royal’s reaction? It’s always the silly romantic notions of a woman to be blamed. Did you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, he wanted to kiss her? No, of course not. The thought never even popped into your totally closed male mind, Josie scolded him.

I’ll tell you right now, Mrs. Kinsman. Royal wanted far more than just a mere kiss. He wanted what every living, breathing man wants—a warm female body! Samuel shot back. And you can’t tell me that Emma didn’t want the same thing. Even before you put the idea into her mind, it was written all over her like ink on a newspaper.

Maybe so, but I’ll tell you one thing right now, Josie thought with tenderness and wanting of her husband in her unheard voice. It’s exactly the same way I felt when I first laid eyes on you that day you came up the walk with Papa. It’s that same passion and desire that’s gotten this family into such dire straights over the years trying to capture our legendary craving for each other. One that’s driven our little Royal into not giving in to love and what it’s really all about, caring for another person with undying emotion.

Oh, Josie, Samuel responded, taking his loving wife into his arms. We’ve got our work cut out for us, then. So let’s get the wheels of fate turning and bring these two together to start a legacy of their own.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely and funny. Very nice snippet. Thanks for sharing.

Maxine Douglas said...

Thank you Alexis. Samuel and Josie are like that through the entire book.