Sunday, July 5, 2015

Eternally Yours

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Cassandra’s heart twisted when she looked at Garrett in full lamplight. If anything, his imperfections made him more ruggedly handsome. The scar on his right cheek made her wince for him, feeling his pain, and the hard look in his eyes told her he read her emotions and didn’t appreciate him. This is why he always kept himself in shadows. Knowing that her continued study made him edgy, she cast her glance around the room feeling as if she’d stepped onto the set for some movie around the time of the American Revolution in a seedy part of town. An open hearth fireplace, with a heavenly scented roast chicken turning on a spit took center focus, with no screen to keep the embers from popping out onto the floor or the people passing near it? Don’t these people know they could burn the place down being so careless?
Russell Canterbury stood just outside the doors of Eternal Pleasures lurking in the night’s shadows. He felt right at home there, as he should given its link with his past. He impatiently bided his time, waiting for CJ Jameson to leave the sex toy store. On this night of Valentine’s Day he wanted Paige Matteson all to himself, without any interruptions from the pesky woman who’d gotten his long-time friend, and sometimes foe, Garrett Alexander killed. Never mind the fact she hadn’t done it with her own hand, but she might as well have. Her mere presence in his and Garrett’s time-period more than a hundred years ago had set the wheel of destiny in motion, leaving Russell to walk the dark road of time alone. His loss had to be avenged.

Chisholm Trail Arts Council’s
1st Annual CTAC Art Walk, Duncan

Heidi Vandlandingham and I did a book signing at the first CTAC Artwalk this past June.  It was hot, busy, and lots of fun. We both met some awesome people and even autographed a book or two. I’ll be there next year, June 25, 2016 … please take the drive to Duncan and say “Hello.”

Maxine Douglas

Check out the article in the Duncan Banner here.

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