Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Sexy Woman

This week’s theme is My Sexy Woman. Yes, this is our nod to the heroines. You all know what make them sexy and wonderful.  My Sexy Woman comes from Human Touch with a very pregnant Jules sending Miles off to meet with the boys.

Jules snuggled deeper in bed, pulling the ragged comforter up under her chin. It felt good to finally get off her feet and rest a bit. The baby had been kicking more than usual all day, wearing her out. She wished Miles would settle down and join her instead of making security plans with his father. He was wearing her out as well.
She closed her eyes, thinking of how their lives had changed since coming to the Colony five months earlier. They’d found a family she could have only dreamt of. From the start her gut and heart agreed that Jameson told the truth about being Miles’ father. Too many things added up to the fact and it took her a while to convince Miles. The diary Jameson had kept all these years and its time frame being completely spot on had been the most convincing for Miles. Of course, the many eyewitnesses still alive didn’t hurt any either.
The photo of the way Jameson and Suzanne held their baby without a care in the world touched her heart. If she hadn’t known Miles all of her life, she may not have caught the subtle similarities between father and son.
It was uncanny how the crooked curve of Miles’ smile matched the one on Jameson’s young photographed face. From the sexy indentations of their chins, right down to the way their eyes crinkled the same along the curve of their lid. It very well could have been Miles in that photo, not Jameson. Little Reola gave her a soft kick and she smiled, smoothing her hand over the swell of her belly; soon it would be three generations photographed.
She’d digested the news they’d gotten from Jameson Clark months ago better than her husband. Miles warmed to the truth eventually. The two, father and son, were nearly inseparable these days, plotting and scheming about getting more people out of SPAR headquarters. Jameson was in constant contact with Phillip.
“Miles, please stop pacing and come to bed.” She patted the empty space next to her. “I sure could use your arms around me, not to mention your body heat right now.”
The look he gave her said it all. Sleep was the last thing on his mind. She sighed deeply, taking in the crisp mountain air. Tonight, the empty space next to her would remain so for a while longer.

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