Thursday, November 12, 2015

New Toy
It’s been two months since that night we said good-bye.
When I left she took over and it hurts to see the things she does.
I sit and watch her make you look like a fool.
Can’t you hear what our friends are saying?
It hurts cuz I still care and the feeling’s still there.
Why do you stand for the things that she does?
How can you let yourself look bad cuz of her?
She treats you like a toy . . . someone to play with.
We both know that the feelings are still alive
And we both know that they’ll always thrive.
But still you won’t swallow your pride.
Sometimes I wish we never said good-bye.
Remember that love is grand and feelings are hard to understand.
Remember when she holds you at night
The way she acts with all the other men
And how you’re just one of her toys
Something she’ll throw away when it gets olds.
Remember babe, when you’re all alone
How many times you were told
That her kind of love was no good
And how toys become broken then get thrown away
Then remember us and how it used to be.

Written:  October 22, 1982

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