Saturday, November 7, 2015

Welcome to the 117th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: While You Were Sexy comes from my paranormal/time-travel Gabby’s Second Chance w/a Debi Wilder.

This week’s theme is a take on the movie, While You Were Sleeping, and can be fun, quirky or not. So many things can happen while you were sexy…things like falling in love with someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend…or maybe taking a risk you wouldn’t normally take. That’s what the movie is all about…having a dream and risking for that dream…only to find it wasn’t what you really wanted or needed anyway.

“I lost my baby that night.”
“Sounds like you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time to me. What did the authorities say?” Lacey asked, adding more marshmallows to Gabby’s chocolate.
“It was a free choice I made. I thought if a pregnant woman stood between the thugs and the door, they’d leave our apartment. But how were they to know I was pregnant when I didn’t even have a baby bump yet?” Tears seeped from Gabby’s eyes, and she didn’t even try to stop them. In fact, she didn’t want to stop them and it felt so damn good. “I called an ambulance, and the doctor called the authorities. There’s a Detective Joe Michaels who’s assigned to the case, but nothing has come of it. He hasn’t been able to find neither Ryan nor the thugs who assaulted me. Detective Michaels still calls occasionally, just to see if I’m all right or remember anything new, but that’s about it. Basically it’s a cold case now.”
Lacey nodded her head, sympathy flitting across her face. “So what is it that you want then, Gabby?”
Gabby looked at her through tear filled eyes, wanting more than anything to believe this woman was in fact a genie and could grant her the things in life she couldn’t have anymore. “Things even you can’t give me, because I can‘t give them to myself. I wish I had the courage to love again. To feel a man touch me in ways I can’t even remember any more. To give life to a perfect human being.”
“My dear Gabby, don’t worry…your wish is my command!” Lacey did a little swirly thing with her hands and snapped her fingers.
But nothing changed. Gabby still sat on the bar stool feeling only as if she’d had a bit too much to drink. Other than that, her life felt exactly as it had been before she’d walked into Lacey’s Lamp.
“Well, Miss Lacey Flowers, so much for being a genie, but thank you for trying.” Gabby slid off the bar stool, a forced smile crossing her face. Slipping into the safety of her coat and back into the darkness of the night, she knew in her heart no one could help her. Not even a self-proclaimed genie.

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