Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Old Loves

You asked me why I was leavin’ . . .
Why I said it was bad from the start.
I couldn’t explain but I knew I couldn’t
Share you in your kind of life style.
I thought I was strong enough to do it
But my heart couldn’t take it anymore.

I’ve heard you’ve found another,
Our friends have seen you together.
It’s been so long since I held you next to me . . .
Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing.
But I look at myself and I realize it was right.
You helped me a lot and helped me to understand
That lovin’ my man is where I should be
And how I’d feel if he did that to me.

We’ve both made new starts in our life . . .
You with your new wife
And me with the man of my life.
We’ve both learned . . .
And found what he had yearned for
Was the kind of love,
That together we are not above,
But can only give to the ones we now love.

Written:  March 9, 1982


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