Saturday, October 31, 2015

This week’s theme, Our Sexy Halloween, comes from Harvest Moon Heart, a short story that I will be rewriting into a longer piece.  I hope you enjoy the following snippet:

Igor stepped aside allowing Madame Simza Nuri to pass through. Milky white shoulders played peekaboo through flowing blue sleeves. A peach shawl wrapped seductively around a curvy waist over the floral print floor length skirt. Candle light reflected off her shiny black waist length hair. She bowed slightly, a grin playing at the corners of her lips. Jasper sensed she believed she’d won the war when the battle hadn’t even begun.
He itched to run his fingers through her hair and to capture her against him. The urge to mate soared through him, tempting the wolf lingering inside.
Her gaze drifted across the room and up the winding stairs to the balcony where their host lingered. She blew him a kiss then turned straight toward Jasper. Her gaze searched the shadows of the room.
Wolf-blood blazed through his veins. His senses heightened. Whoever this woman was heated him in ways that were more dangerous than the rise of the harvest moon. He hadn’t seen her face and yet his body knew she was trouble. This Madame Nuri as Igor called her.
Everything about her oozed sexual danger.

“That was some entrance.” The words flitted around Simza’s ear, teasing and seductive. A wave of pleasure heated her. Her breathing hitched when she looked into laughing amber eyes. “I don’t believe we’ve met, and here I thought I knew everyone in the village.”
“Well, a girl has to do something to get into the ball of the season.” She smiled, fingering the bullet around her neck. It warmed against her skin, sending an unusual spark through her.


Lynn Crain said...

Great snippet. Can't wait to see the story when it's reworked. Thanks for sharing and being a part of My Sexy Saturday.

Maxine Douglas said...

Thank you Lynn! I love being included every Saturday.