Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Snowy Firelight

Long before I became a romance novelist, I wrote poetry and had three published in “American Poetry Anthology 1987.”  For the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing those pieces with you.  Here’s the first one from February 1982:

“Snowy Firelight” 

It’s snowy outside tonight
And I’m sittin’ alone by the firelight
Sippin’ on red rosé wine
Remembering a love that was so fine. 

Is she holding you tight
On this snowing night?
Is her love strong
When things go wrong?
Can she make you smile
When tears begin to fall? 

We were so free and happy
Our love was as fresh as this falling snow
Our passion burned brighter
Than the flames of this fire. 

I see your face in these flames
As they begin to die away . . .
Watching the falling snow
Melt as our love did years ago
While sittin’ here sippin’ red rosé wine
Remember a love that was so fine.

Written February 25, 1982

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