Thursday, December 13, 2012

My true love gave to me ....two turtle doves...

Chapter Two

Lauren Smith

Pemberton Hall
Christmas Day, 1814

“It’s a damn cold night, eh Nathan?”

Nathan, the Duke of Hastings, glanced in irritation at his younger brother Lewis, just visible in the light from the coach lantern. When they’d set out from his estate, only a few miles away, the skies were heavy with winter storm clouds. But the weather held, and he and Lewis had little trouble during the journey to Pemberton Hall.

Lewis started speaking again, the entire conversation nearly one-sided, not that Nathan minded, he wasn’t even paying attention to what his brother was saying. Lewis was an easy-going sort and always had something to say. Nathan preferred to gaze out the coach window, lost in thoughts as his eyes roved over the miles of snow covered land.

Lucky devil. He envied Lewis’s freedom. As the head of his family, ...  Read more ... next up is three french hens....

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