Friday, December 14, 2012

My true love gave to me ... three French hens…Chapter 3...

My true love gave to me ... My True love Gave To Me…three French hens…Chapter 3...:

My True love Gave To Me

three French hens

Chapter Three

Calisa Rhose

Pemberton Hall
Christmas, 1814

“Hello, Lady Charlotte. Perhaps you have an opening on that little dance card for me ?”
Lady Lottie Swann gazed upwards, ready to accept the offer, then went numb, but only briefly. Standing before her was the rogue who’d broken her heart but two years prior.
It took a moment to catch a breath. But she did and answered coldly. “Lord Leighton. I regret to inform you my dance card is completely and irrevocably filled already. Perhaps you should have called again after our last encounter.” And before she could stop herself, hissed, “You will need to find some other innocent bird to waste time with this night.”
Relief flooded her when Lady Grace Hawthorn, best friend since childhood, grabbed her arm. Grace was seemingly oblivious to the tall man standing there, and dragged Lottie away. Knees quaking, she fled from sight of the handsome rogue who had filled every dream for months.
“I can’t believe you received an invitation to Pemberton Hall this year, too, Lottie. It’s so exciting to spend the evening with you. We see one another so rarely these days.”
Lottie kept one eye on the dance floor as ... Read More... next up is four calling birds....

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