Monday, December 17, 2012

My true love gave to me …Sixgeese a laying…

Chapter Six
…Six geese a laying…
Tamrie Foxtail

Olivia came to an abrupt halt on the edge of the ballroom. The six gossiping geese were huddled together in a colorful circle. Honestly, her cousin Gertie should stay away from that particular shade of yellow. It made her hair look even more orange.
One of the girls sent a quick glance in Olivia’s direction and nudged Lizzie. They really did resemble a little flock. The thought made her smile. Six geese a laying, rather appropriate given the season.
She spied a flash of green across the ballroom. Since her reputation had been shredded, thanks in large part to her cousin Gertie, Lizzie and the rest of the geese, Dinah was one of the few women still talking to her. Olivia frowned. It had been a fortnight since she’d seen Dinah. Her friend didn’t appear to be well. Concerned, Olivia headed in her direction.
“Would you look at her?” Lizzie snickered in a stage whisper. “She’s dressed in green. Shouldn’t she be wearing something more appropriate? Like scarlet.”
The rest of the geese tittered. Brainless lot, the whole bunch of them.
Olivia had half a mind to snatch Lizzie’s blond head bald and inform her that Lizzie’s drunken brother Percy was the reason ... Read More ...

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