Thursday, December 20, 2012

My True Love Gave to Me ... Nine Ladies Dancing

My True Love Gave To Me…
...Nine Ladies Dancing…
Chapter Nine
Debra Rogers

Pemberton Hall
Christmas 1814

Smoothing the back of Lord Dominick Carrington’s coat of superfine for the third time, Fitzhugh, the gnarled valet he’d inherited from his father, stepped back to survey the newest Earl of Abernathy.

Nick indulged the man though he couldn’t restrain the tick in his jaw at the fussing. He wasn’t a trussed up goose, fattened for Christmas dinner, for heaven’s sake. “Why must I attend this affair?” he groused.

The valet took a deep, patient breath. “Your late father never missed the Pemberton’s Christmas ball and your brother...pardon me, my lord––” Stopping abruptly, he peered above his bushy brows.

“No, go on,” Nick encouraged the man, who bobbed his head in acquiescence. His brother’s death had sealed his fate. If you take the title, you must find a .... Read More ....

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