Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MyTrue Love Gave to Me…a partridge in a pear tree…...

Chapter One

Callie Hutton

Pemberton Hall
Christmas Day, 1814

She’s here.

A jolt of excitement shot through Marcus, Viscount Weatherby, as he spotted her after scanning the crowd packed into the ballroom at Pemberton Hall. He had carelessly tossed aside the invitation he’d received to the lavish Christmas Ball the Duke and Duchess of Pemberton hosted each year. Then when Penrose mentioned at White’s yesterday that Lady Surrey would be in attendance, he knew nothing could keep him away.

Emma--my Emma.

Almost as if connected by an invisible cord, he headed in her direction, snatching two glasses of champagne from a passing footman. Trying his best to shoulder his way through the crush, he groaned in frustration when ... Read more

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